Is Gold A Good Investment For 2014?

Many people who are looking for a good investment that yields a high return and is also stable, often ask is gold a good investment. People want to know whether it is worth investing in gold or not and whether they should invest long term or short term in the precious metals market.

There are some out there that will tell you that investing in gold short term is a great way to make some quick spending money without much risk. At the same time, many others will insist that if you want to make some good money, you should hold onto the precious metal for months; if not years.

is gold a good investmentOne has to remember that gold is one of the oldest and proven means of paying for things. It will always hold a value no matter what happens with the economy.

What’s more is that it is not uncommon for the value of gold to increase when the value of the dollar decreases. Many people know that the precious metal holds value so when the economy makes a turn for the worse, people grab as much gold as they can afford to hold on to.

Before we can look at whether gold is a good investment or not, we need to start by first looking at what an investment is. An investment is anything that you can put your money into with the hopes of getting back more than you put in. Under this thinking, even gambling is an investment; the two are much more similar than most people are willing to believe.

In any investment, as the profit potential increases, so too does the risk associated with the investment. Take the lottery for example. You can win millions in the lottery but there are only a few actual winners and many losers. If you spend a dollar on a ticket and win nothing, than you lost. The same can be said with any investment including in the precious metals market. Like any investment market, there will always be the few who are the winners and they win the investment of the others who lose.

However, there are two investments which generally break this rule. Real estate, notwithstanding the recent housing market crash, was an investment that over time would always be worth more than when you fist bought in. Precious metals are the same way in that there is a limited quantity and as such, the demand drives the value up continuously.

Real estate and precious metals are the only truly stable investments for the long term investor.

There is also the potential of making a decent profit on investing in gold for a short period of time only. More and more investors are buying into gold exchange traded funds which are shares in an investment fund that deals in leveraged purchases and sales of gold commodities.

Since gold fluctuations are so small, the ability to make any money from them requires that you have a large buying power and can invest in tons of gold at a time. Most people cannot afford to buy a ton of gold which is why these funds have been developed over the years. By pooling everyone’s money together, experienced traders have the ability to make very large trades and share their profits with their investors; you.

However, ETFs are also very risky. Many funds have died over the years and many investors have lost everything because they held on too long. But, if you are wise and you make well-informed trades, then you can make a fairly decent income from investing in gold.

Many people still chose to invest in gold physically as well. They buy scrap metal like old jewelry and plated items. They also purchase coins, plates, bars and other forms of gold bullion when available at a good price.

There are those who will insist that investing in plated items is not worth it because of the costs associated with separating the base metal from the plating. However, those who invest in scrap gold, profit from those who simply throw out their plated items. Once they have enough, they can then go through the process of separating the plated gold. Since gold only dissolves in aqua regia, dissolving the cheaper metals in various acids is usually done first; it also reduces the storage space needed for the plated metal.

Just remember that no matter what you or how you chose to invest in gold, you must never spend any more money than you can afford to lose since there is always an inherent risk associated with any investment. Make sure that you learn as much as you can prior to investing in anything to ensure that you are making a well-informed decision regarding your investment. Always remember that the process of learning and improving your investing skills is a never ending process.

Investment In Gold Can Be Very Lucrative

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Are Monex Gold Prices Always Fair?

For more than half a century, Monex has been the most trusted name in the American precious metals investment industry.

It was back in 1967 when the company was first founded by Louis E. Carabini. During this time, there were no gold dealers anywhere within the US on account of a 1933 law that prohibited private ownership of gold. When the company was first established, is specialized in the trading of silver coins that had been minted prior to 1965 as well as gold coins that were minted prior to 1933.

monex gold prices

Back in those days, there was no competition for gold dealers which gave Monex a monopoly in the industry. A lot has changed over the past half-century and as such the company has grown leaps and bounds become one of the most trusted names in precious metal investments worldwide.

Monex Gold Prices Are Always Kept Up to Date

Today the company operates under the name of the Monex Deposit Company. It has traded more than 40 billion dollars worth of precious metals since its 1967 establishment. Three generations of the Carabini family have owned and operated the company.

Money is one of the largest and most trusted dealers in gold in the United States and as such, offers some of the most competitive prices in the industry today. Many people who invest in gold as well as other precious metals often use the Monex gold prices as an industry standard; versus that of the exchanges.

Not only are there the Monex gold prices, but because the company also deals in silver, palladium and platinum they also offer the most comprehensive and competitive rates on these metals as well. After all, they are considered to be America’s most trusted dealer of precious metals.

Many people who are new to the investment of precious metals have turned to them to ensure that they are getting the best deal. Regardless of whether they are investing in gold bullion bars and coins, or even in the recycling of scrap gold, Monex is a name that you can trust to provide you with the most up to date, accurate and competitive prices imaginable.

trade goldLocated on the West Coast of the United States, their trading hours  start at 5:30 AM and end at 5:30 PM. They are not just a dealer, they are also a very comprehensive trading and investment firm with a highly devoted and skilled staff who are ready and willing to help you by answering any possible question you may have regarding your future investment in the precious metals market.

The folks at Monex are so reliable and dependable that 80 percent of their net income is generated from repeat clients who keep coming back to the company; to the people they know and trust. Many of the loyal staff  have been with the company for more than a decade.

With so many people turning to the Monex gold prices on a daily basis to ensure that they are getting the best possible rates imaginable, is not it about time that you did? Many people who invest in scrap gold by buying at pawn shops and local yard sales rely specifically on the Monex gold prices to ensure that they are getting the best possible deals with every transaction. After all, most of those investors turn to Monex when they are ready to sell that scrap metal.

Investing In Gold And Silver|Investing in Gold For Beginners

Investing In Gold And Silver Can Give Massive Financial Gains

Since the dawn of man, human beings have been attracted to the illustrious beauty of gold and silver. These precious metals for the first true forms of money and were commonly used to trade in goods between different civilizations without having to worry about exchange rates. Even after the development of printed money, for centuries that money was based on the gold maintained in the national vaults.

It was not until the recent years, printed money was turned into a debt-based system rather than one based on gold. When this occurred, it resulted in a very interesting aspect that nobody had experienced previously. That is, as the value of the printed money decreases, the value of precious metals increases. This was very different than before as the value of money and gold were equal and therefore moved in the same direction and at the same rate.Investing In Gold And Silver

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to start investing in gold and silver all around the world. There is actually a lot of money to be made when you invest wisely. However, if you make mistakes in purchasing your gold or selling it, there is an opportunity for you to lose some if not all of your investment.

Investing In Gold And Silver Is A Very Sensible Choice

One thing most people do not realize is that currently, the value of gold is not at its highest. Technically speaking it was the 1980’s that gold was at its highest value. It was then that the value of gold was substantially higher than it is today. Furthermore, it was during this time period that many investors began to realize that gold moves in a three stage market.

The first stage is considered to be the lowest value or the dip. This is a corrective stage in which the value of gold returns to a normal level and is neither overvalued nor is it undervalued. The first stage is followed by a second stage in which the value of gold slowly and steadily increases exponentially. The third stage is when everybody rushes out to purchase as much gold as they can and make as much profit while possible.

Currently, it is said that we are in the second stage. What this means is that today is the best state possible for investing in gold and silver. Tomorrow, the value of gold and silver will be greater than it is today; and the day after that it will be worth even more. At some point within the next year, there will be an increased trend in precious metal investments which will send the value of gold and silver to all new highs.

A smart investor is said to purchase low and sell high. What this means, is that when you choose to invest in gold and silver today and then sell once this third stage is reached, you will be able to make the most amount of profit possible. Many speculators insist that you should be able to clear anywhere from 5 to 15 percent depending on what price you purchase the precious metal at, what type of precious metal you are purchasing and what price you are selling it at.

Gold And SilverIn reality, the only way to get a higher return on investment when choosing to invest in gold and silver is to invest in scrap. Generally speaking, you purchase this scrap gold at pawn shops as well as local yard and garage sales at below prevailing rates. From there, you collect enough and send it into a recycler in order to get a return on your investment.

Many have it obvious take it a step further by choosing to refine the gold on their own prior to sending it into the recycler. This ensures that they are able to make as much money as possible because believe it or not, many items that are composed of gold also contain more valuable precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

Just make sure that you take your time when choosing to invest in gold and silver because there are still inherent risks associated with the investment. Many people have lost some if not all of their initial investment by making bad decisions when choosing to purchase or invest in precious metals.

Invest in Gold And Silver

Invest In Gold And Silver And Protect Your Financial Future

The precious metal market is a great way to save money for a rainy day. While it is possible to make a good income from investing in gold and silver, most people do not have the initial capital needed to make a large profit from any single trade.

In the long run though, it is wise to invest in gold and silver on account of the fact that their rates will continue to rise from your year. The value of gold alone increases at a rate of about two percent per annum. Of course this is well below the three percent inflation rate which means you will end up losing money if you hold on to the gold for too long of a period.

invest in gold and silver

However, it is important that everybody own and invest in gold and silver on a regular basis. The simplest way to do this is to go down to your local bouillon or coin collector shop and pick up some small bars or coins. Make sure that they are small. It is pointless to buy the largest coins and bars available because the simple fact that it is hard to sell them. Holding on and storing this bouillon could also prove to be a difficult challenge for most small time investors.

From there, you can look into purchasing gold through what is known as an Exchange Traded Fund. These funds are available on the stock exchanges all over the world. When you purchase into an ETF, your money is being pooled with other investors in order to make purchases in companies that mine, refine, melt, cast and sell in the precious metals. These ETFs are a great way to make money from a short-term investment in gold or silver.

Invest In Gold And Silver Is Very Easy Using The Internet

Then there is the possibility of purchasing gold and silver certificates. While easy to purchase and sell, there are a lot of risks associated with them. For starters, he never actually owns the precious metal.

While the certificate actually represents gold or silver that is sitting in a ball somewhere, you never physically take possession of the item. Further, since they are merely a piece of paper that is traded on the stock change, they are also just as adversely affected as any other form of investment when there is a financial crisis. There are a lot of investors have lost all of their money because they invested in paper precious metals just before the recent debt crisis.

Right now is actually an excellent time to invest in gold and silver, simply because the fact that the current rates are not at their highest. While the value of these precious metals is indeed high, they are nowhere near the 1980 records. It is stated, that we are currently in the second stage of a bull market when it comes to investing in gold and silver. When the next stage commences in the coming year, more and more people will rush in to invest in gold and silver; thus driving the prices to an all new high. You deftly want to own prior to this third and final stage.

gold barKeep in mind that while the value of gold increases at a rate of about two percent per annum, it is not uncommon for the value of silver to move as much is three percent on a given day. What this means is that there is a lot more money to be made in short-term investments when you invest in silver rather than gold. Further, as we get closer to this third stage of the bull market, you can expect the fluctuation in silver prices to increase as much as 4 to 5 percent daily.

Because of this fact, it is very important that you time your purchases and sales appropriately. Always make sure that you make your purchase is when there are dips in the value and never purchase anything when the value peaks. For new investor this may be difficult to determine when a dip or peak is occurring, but within time you will begin to see the common signs of the market.

As the demand for gold and silver continues to increase so too does its value. Many people believe that there is the potential for silver shortages to occur within the next year or so, which will end up driving the value of the precious metal through the roof.

Gold Price UK

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Gold Price UK – A Good Investment Opportunity?

It was way back in the 1980s when the prices of gold skyrocketed to the current record highs. Shortly after, gold prices in the UK slumped into a corrective stage of the market in which the overvalued gold returns to a normal state. Since the 1980s, the value of gold has never reached the same heights.

It was back in 2008, shortly after the start of the housing recession in the United States that people began looking to invest in gold again. Since 2008, there has been an increase of gold prices in the UK and around the world by as much as 142%. Last year alone, more than 500 times of gold has been purchased and sold price uk

Many investors and speculators are now insisting that the gold market is about to return to its third stage; the same stage which led to the all-time record highs back in the 1980’s. Many people insist that now is the time to invest in gold while it is still affordable. There is a belief that the value of gold will skyrocket to well over 2500 dollars by the peak of the third stage. This equates to as much as 15 percent return on investment for many investors who purchase within the next few months.

In Great Britain, just like the rest the world gold prices are expected to increase exponentially over the next year. By this time next year, the gold price in the UK will most likely have peaked out. Those who have failed to sell before this peak occurs will end up losing some if not all of their investment.

What Is The Gold Price UK Right Now?

Some speculators insist that the steady increase in the value of gold prices in the UK are as a result of the 1999 Washington Agreement. This agreement was established shortly after the Treasury Department in the United Kingdom announced that it was going to sell 50 percent of its gold reserves via auctions through the Bank of England. At the same time, nations including Austria, the Netherlands, as well as Switzerland were also discussing the potential of selling off a large portion of their reserves also.

The Washington Agreement was established to help stabilize the gold market which would have been destroyed had the nations of the world on loaded vast majority of their gold reserves. This agreement reduces the amount of gold being sold to the central banks around the world up until 2009 when the agreement was re-signed. As a result of the re-signing in 2009, all central banks worldwide stopped selling gold altogether and instead started to buy it.

Supply versus demand states that when there is a limited supply in a large demand the value will increase. Because the central banks which have the most buying power has stopped selling and started purchasing gold, combined with the high demand of private investors, the gold price in the UK will skyrocket.

But it is important to remember, that the Washington Agreement did not create the upward trend any more than it created the precious metals. It is an inevitable fact that the value of gold was bound to increase steadily over the next few years. The agreement merely sped up the process substantially.

buy UK goldFurther, by speeding up the process in a manner that it has, the agreement has made investment in gold a more lucrative prospect for many small time investors in the UK as well as around the world. Just remember, that now is the time to buy not to sell.

Right now the gold price in UK is not at its highest level, it will increase dramatically throughout the year. If you have not already started investing in gold, now is the time to purchase as much as you can at the lowest prices possible. Towards the end of the year, as the value starts to reach the 2500 dollar mark, more and more people will rush in to try to buy gold at the last minute; and that will be the best time to sell.

Just remember to plan ahead accordingly and make your decisions wisely because there are still inherent risks associated with investing in precious metals.

Gold Investment In India

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Gold Investment In India Could Be The Next Big Thing?

Just like the rest the world, gold investment in India is commonplace. Technically speaking, India is the second largest gold consumer in the world; with China being the first.

However, unlike most countries in the world, in India most people do not buy gold as an investment but rather as a regular part of their social lives. People buy gold for weddings, dowry as well as festivals and numerous other possibilities.Gold Investment In India

At the same time, gold has also been used historically as a way to combat inflation. Whenever the world’s economy becomes unstable, the India government begins to hoard the precious metal in their treasury which only further ads to the increased value of the precious metal. As the government begins to start the recording, so too do the citizens.

Gold Investment In India Could Yield Excellent Returns

Many people in India buy gold in small quantities and on a regular basis; regardless of price. To most, it is not an investment but rather a necessity of social status. As a result, it is not uncommon for many households to have large quantities of gold informs such as rings, bracelets and watches.

However, the most part this goal will never return any investment. By simply choosing to hold onto it one will never receive any interest or dividend. Further, since the value of gold increases at a slower rate than the rate of inflation, the longer you hold onto it the more money you will lose when you finally do sell it.

When it comes to gold investment in India, there are many different ways in which to purchase the precious metal. The first and most common method is that of the physical ownership of the gold. This can be in the form of jewelry or other forms of “scrap” gold or even the ownership of Boolean such as coins and bars. Keep in mind that while physical possession does have its many benefits, it is also very risky and hard to store safely.

As a result, the government of India developed its Gold Deposit Scheme which is available through the SBI. In this method, when one has too much Boolean and scrap gold line around, they can simply deposit with the SBI. They will have their choice of three, four or five year investments in which they can earn as much as one percent annually interest. Best of all, the interest is tax-free. However, any gold invested with the SBI is melted down into bars which means you will never be able to get back the original piece.

the gold market in indiaThen of course there are the very popular Exchange Traded Funds which are commonly referred to as ETF’s. When you invest in one of these funds, your money is pooled with other investors in order to purchase shares in companies that mine, refine and manufacture gold products. Of course there is a significant amount of risk associated with ETF investment, however you can receive as much as a two percent return on investment.

There are also several popular methods of gold investment in India to choose from. Many of these will only yield between one and two percent per annum. However, if you have enough initial investment one of the most profitable ways to invest in gold is to purchase the precious metal in scrap form from the local pawn shops at below current spot market prices.

Keep in mind that there will always be a risk associated with investing in gold. Never invest more than you are willing to lose.

Buy Gold UK

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Buy Gold UK – Is It A Good Time To Invest

Investing in gold is a great way to make sure that your portfolio stays stabilized even in the most torrential of markets. While the entire world has been an economic recession as a result of overvalued homes in the US, those who have chosen to maintain a consistent amount of gold in their investment portfolio had been virtually unhampered by the effects of the gold uk

It is important to remember that hundreds of years ago, all nations’ money was based on the gold, which the country had in its reserves. Then just over a century ago, a major change occurred which resulted in national currencies being based on a debt system rather than the gold system that had stood the test of time for millennia.

As a result, his debt based system allows a nation to freely print as much money as they need to pay all of their bills. However, when they print too much it inflates the value of their currency and has it on their economic prosperity. And although this is seen as a means of checks and balance, it is far from that.

Gold in itself is an investment. There is never to be any more gold found in the earth. We already know exactly how much gold is left in the earth and as such its value is based on the realization that there is limited quantities of the precious metals, their value is therefore increased. As the demand for these precious metals increases so too does its value.

Buy Gold UK – How Can I Buy Gold At Wholesale Prices?

Paper money on the other hand works in a very different manner. There is no limit to the amount that can be printed by a government. There is an infinite amount that could be printed over a given period of time. Further, as the demand for money increases its value becomes inflated and therefore decreases.

This basic concept implies that when the British government begins to print more money, it is time to buy gold in the UK. The truth is, that the more money which is printed, the more that its value is inflated and therefore the more that the value of gold is increased.

Although this may seem a bit complicated, in all simplicity as the value of money goes down the value of gold goes up equally. As money becomes inflated and worth less, more and more people turn to precious metals as a safe investment and therefore drives the value of gold up higher.

When it comes to buying gold in the UK, there are a number of options available to you. The simplest way to invest in gold is to go down to your local pawn shop and purchase it at a low market rates. Of course then again you have to recycle this in order to get any kind of return on your investment. The best return comes after you refined the gold itself and then recycled it.

Then of course you have the gold bullion which comes in bars and coins. These can be bought from bullion shops as well as from coin collection shops around the country. The downfall is that they are often sold at values higher than that of the going market rates. Furthermore, when you go to sell these forms of gold, you will never get the going market rate and therefore you must wait until a higher margin is reached before you can sell for profit.

the gold standardHowever, more and more people are choosing to invest in the stock market. There are multiple options that are available today including purchasing certificates as well as buying Exchange Traded Funds. When it comes to certificates, you own a piece of paper which represents physical gold that is sitting in a ball somewhere within the country. However, you do not physically own metal. With ETF’s on the other hand, your money is being pooled with other investors to buy into companies that mine, refine and manufacture gold products. In the short term, ETF’s can be a very profitable option.

In terms of a return on your investment, generally speaking when you invest in the gold bullion coins and bars, your rate of return will be right around two percent per annum. With ETF on the other hand, your rate of return can be anywhere between four and five percent per annum. However, when dealing with scrap gold such as that purchased at pawn shops and at local yard sales, your rate of return can be as much as 20 percent per trade.

Just always remember that when you choose to invest in gold in the UK or anywhere in the world, there are inherent risks that you must be willing to take. It is possible for you to lose some if not all of your investment. So be careful when looking to buy gold UK, make sure the company or broker you are using is 100% legit and start with a very low test investment. Then once you know they are a bonafide company or dealer etc, then go for larger investments.

Best Place To Buy Gold

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The Best Place To Buy Gold? What About Your Local Pawn Shop

When it comes to purchasing gold, there are number of places that you can go in order to buy the precious commodity. However, the one main source to buy gold is the most commonly overlooked place.

Over the years many investors have chosen to purchase their gold from a bullion dealer. While bullion dealers may be a great option to ensure that the gold you are purchasing is pure and comes complete with a certificate, it is also a place that sells at a rate much higher than that of the prevailing market rates.

The Best Place to Buy Gold Could Be Closer Than You Think!

best place to buy gold

Other investors have chosen to purchase their gold at coin shops. Just like purchasing gold from the bullion dealer, when you choose to purchase gold from a coin shop or a coin collector, you are paying a lot more than the prevailing market rates. Many coins and bullion sold at coin shops also have a collector’s value which only increases the costs associated with purchasing your gold.

So then the real question is, what is the best place to buy gold? Believe it or not, the best place to buy gold is at a pawn broker. Every single day thousands of people make their way upon shops all over the country in order to cash in on their jewelry and other valuable items. While some people actually return to the far shop later to collect their valuable item, many people leave their jewelry at the pawn shop.

Sometimes people cannot afford to pay the pawn broker fees. Sometimes the items were being sold and not really pawned. Regardless of the reason, pawn shops are filled with on collected merchandise. Some pawn shops auction these items off while other pawn shop simply put him for sale in their display booths. The procedure after a pawn has not been claimed is different from location to location so it is important to check with your local municipal regulations when deciding to purchase gold from a pawn dealer.

While the pawn shops realize that the gold has a value, in most cases when they resell are auctioned off, it is well below the prevailing market rates. The pawn shop itself wants recuperate any of its losses as well as gains some profit in the process. As a result any item made of gold sold at a pawn shop is usually well below the current spot rate. Further, all the items have also been well documented to include their purity content as well as any other important aspects.

The pawn shops have already done the hard work for you. All you need to do is check out the auctions or swoop into purchase a good deal when you find one.

To make things even more exciting, sometimes the pawn shops are in a rush when pricing there are items for sale or auction. As a result sometimes they under value an item or two. These undervalued pieces of gold jewelry are your best options to making money when investing in the precious metals market.

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where the pawn shop is required to auction off any pawned jewelry that has not been claimed, then chances are you will be able to get the precious metal at an even lower price than ever thought possible.

local pawn shopHowever, even if the items end up going straight to the shelf, you still have the ability to bargain and haggle the prices to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. Do not be afraid to dicker and deal in an attempt to reduce the price. You are not upset the pawn broker one bit. They argue the lowest price that they are willing to go and they just simply will not go below that.

Further, it may be in your best interest become friendly with the staff and the owners of the pawn shops in your area so that you can be kept up to date on any potentially profitable items that are coming up for sale or auction. If you build up a good enough trust relationship you may be considered the “Go to Guy” who was always called on when the pawn shop needs to make a quick sale.

It is not uncommon to find gold for sale at pawn shops at 10% to 20% below the prevailing market rates. This can mean substantial income if there are not pawn shops in your area and enough money available in your pocket to make the initial investments.

Scrap Gold Calculator 

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Scrap Gold Calculator

If you are planning on selling any scrap gold, jewelry or even many different kinds of bullion, then determining the value of your gold can be an important yet time-consuming process. For years, small time investors all over the world had to estimate the value of their gold and hope that their numbers were accurate. However, thanks to the many recent advancements in the internet, it is easy to determine the value of gold using a scrap gold calculator.

All that you need to know before using the calculator is the karat of the gold piece that you want to evaluate as well as its weight. Then simply enter these two numbers into the fields on the gold calculator and instantly you have the value of your item based on the prevailing spot rates.

Because of the recent economic recession that has been felt all over the world, more and more people are turning their scrap gold into hard cash. While some chose to sell their old jewelry, others take the time to visit neighborhood yard sales, looking for affordable priced trinkets that others are virtually giving away. It can be a very profitable business for just about anyone to get involved in. However, there are some things that you need to learn first.

Scrap Gold CalculatorYou will need to learn how to detect whether something is solid gold or just simply plated. Then there is the fact that not everything has its gold content listed. As a result, a chemical acid test will be needed in order to determine the purity of the piece.

In the field, this can be a bit difficult because if you want to get an old piece of jewelry at the best price possible, you do not want the owner to see you acid testing it. It is also good to have a scrap gold calculator that you can take with you or at least access from your smart phone while you are out hunting for the most profitable pieces.


Use A Scrap Gold Calculator Before Selling Your Jewelry

At the same time, many people who are getting into the scrap gold business are also looking into purchasing precious gems as well as the other precious metals. The gems can be the hardest thing to learn how to evaluate. It takes a well-trained eye to find valuable gems at affordable prices. The other precious metals like silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and several others can also be very profitable.

While not everyone is adventurous enough to play with some of the harshest acids known to man, there are those who have found over the years that choosing to refine their gold into its purist form possible is the most profitable way of making money with scrap gold. It can be very dangerous and disposing of the chemicals can be difficult for small scale operations, but in the end the profit potential is that much greater.

In the end, you need to take your time and make sure that you properly value each and every single piece that you will buy as well as sell before making any transaction. As always, a wise investor is a profitable investor.

Is Gold A Good Investment

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Is Gold A Good Investment For You

Many people today who are looking for something to invest in always ask whether is gold a good investment or not. This is an age-old question which continues to arise; especially in times when the economy is as unstable as it has been in recent years. Yet time and time again, the answer to this question is always the same.

is gold a good investment for youGold can be a very profitable investment if it is done properly. Investing in the precious metals market is not the same as it once was.

There are many more investors these days which have led to the larger fluctuations in the market value of precious metals. At the same time, holding on to gold as a means of stabilizing one’s portfolio is no longer suggested by many experts.

While every one knows that there are limited supplies of gold, silver and other precious metals on this planet, and that it is this limited quantities that makes them so valuable, what most investors fail to realize is the going inflation rate.

In the old days there was nothing wrong with buying and holding onto gold because its value increased faster than the rate of inflation. Today however, while gold’s value steadily increases at a rate of about 2%, the inflation rate increases at a rate of 3%.

Is Gold A Good Investment Right Now?

What this means is that if you hold on to gold long enough, you will end up loosing more and more of your investment every single year. Yes, the value of the gold will increase dramatically as each year goes by, but what you can do with the money becomes more limited with each passing year. An easier way to look at it is to ask yourself what you could purchase with a dollar ten years ago and whether you can still purchase it today for that price.

This does not mean that gold is not a good investment though. What it means is that when you invest in the precious metals market you have to think ahead and plan for necessary trades to improve your standing. It also depends on whether you plan on investing in physical gold bullion or if you plan on purchasing notes and funds.

The most profit potential when it comes to investing in gold is the scrap metal business. Many people over the years have found it to be a very profitable investment. They head out on Saturdays and Sundays to visit the local garage and yard sales to see what trinkets can be found. Then they determine how much it is worth and attempt to get the item at the best price possible.

While most scrap metal investors then take these trinkets and sell them to scrap metal recyclers, a small select few go through the painstaking and dangerous process of refining the metals. It is important to point out that in the refining process, you will need to make use of various acids which will be responsible for dissolving the metals until you have a virtually pure product left. Disposing of these acids can prove to be a difficult process in some places.

For those who opt instead to sell their scrap metal to recyclers, finding a reputable one seems to be the most difficult part about investing in the gold. Some cities have precious metal recyclers while others do not. Those who don not have a local recycling center will have to sell their gold online and pay to mail it to the buyer. This can be very risky for someone who is new to gold investing.

In the end though, it really does not matter if you are planning on investing in funds and notes or even if you are going to invest in the physical metal, gold can prove to be a very profitable investment when done right. If you are wondering is gold a good investment, then you are already on the right path to making a good profit. Those who ask questions are willing to learn; and in order to win big when investing in precious metals, you have to be as knowledgeable as possible.

Take the time to learn as much as you can before you make any investment. A good investment always starts with a sound investment plan and strategy. You will only be able to develop a good investment strategy after you have taken the time to learn as much about the investment process, as well as the refining of gold, silver and the other profitable precious metals as you possibly can.

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Author: Dan Craig